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Certification Tests
Feature >> Certification Tests
Tests are the means to evaluate knowledge or skill in a person. There are variety of subjects and skills and each of these are testified in different ways. One cannot standardize the evaluation system. Objective type tests with multiple choice questions are conducted for providing answers by selecting suitable choice. The examinees are asked to tick the correct one to get the answers right. Whereas some tests are subjective where they are asked to write in details. Both has different perspective. Objective type tests are generally chosen to test aptitude, concept and overall idea of the candidate whereas subjective tests are meant for extracting writing skills and the way they express and present themselves. It also checks the depth of the knowledge one has. Certificate with good grades provide motivations for others in the same organization and also boosts confidence in the successful candidate to even higher level

These tests are followed by certification system. The certificate is a written proof of the candidate’s performance of certain test, his ability or any such things. Certificate are also issued for attending a seminar or a workshop. It may not specify the level attained by the candidate, however it definitely speaks about the exposure provided in the seminar on a subject or a topic.

Certification system gets weightage based on the brand it carries. A certification from an elite institution will be get it’s due credit in the industry. A certificate received from a one day seminar conducted by an IIT or an IIM will have more value than a regular academic institute.
​Certification from a big brand carries it’s own value for candidate and people throng for such certification tests. Microsoft certified engineers do get advantage in acquiring suitable and good jobs is an excellent example.

An organization could issue many types of Certificates to the employees such as for communication skills, public relation skills, marketing skills, making good presentation skills, programming skills, technical skills, teaching skills and more. All these skills are measurable thru tests and checks. This system provide good assistance to the HR department of any good organization and take control to manage & train the human resources within their company.
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